About Alan

I started work as a young paste up artist at Hills Archer Studios in 1975, a couple of years later I took what turned out to be a two year sabbatical playing bass guitar in the rock band Urchin.

Returning to the real world with a bump, I took a freelance position in Rici Ditomasso's Studio Vantage where I became interested in lettering and line illustration. Showing some promise, Bob Petri recommended me to David Williams and Ken Sclater who were starting up their studio.

I worked under David for six years. He became my mentor in all things typographic and illustrative – I learned a lot from The Best. When David retired I luckily inherited some of his clients. Eventually, I took a freelance desk space in JKR's new out-of-house production studio Piano, with Kevin Ward... I still can't play the Piano.

For the last few years I’ve worked from home in suburban London, which I like – it’s efficient, relaxing and I don't miss the commuting one bit!

I do miss working with studio colleagues, so my clients should know I can chat a little too much when they call, but they quickly learn that giving me the brief is the best way to shut me up.


If you'd like to discuss a new project, please call or email me, I'd be happy to hear from you.

Call:  020 8310 6997 or 07940 549 823